No other brandy is comparable with the stimulating effect of Absinth.

This original Absinthbrandy, produced in a small austrian distillery, assembled with specially selected artemisia absinthium herbs and 7 additional herbs like anis, fenchel, mellisse etc.

This handmade Absinth contents best alkohol, best herbs and is sugarfree. We don´t use any essences etc.

Distilled according to the traditional recipe it developes its own original and excentric character. It is a hard, clear, straight and unsophisticated Absinth with 55% volumealkohol.

In many pictures famouse artists like Van Gogh, Manet, Verlain, Wild, Gauguin, Zola, Picasso, Hemingway rendered homage to the Absinth and spoke about the myth of the green fairy.


1) Cult:

a) 2 cl RED FAIRY®
b) sugercube doused with icewater
is getting opaque

2) (Recommandation)
a) 2 cl RED FAIRY®
b) icecubes 1:1
c) is getting opaque