The most stylish Absinth ...

ABSINTH ROTE FEE ® RED FAIRY is exclusivly to order only on this homepage and over the K12 GALLERY.


Every bottle ABSINTH ROTE FEE ® RED FAIRY contents:

+ 55% vol. alk
+ 8 herbs
+ pure natural product
+ distilled in the classical traditional method
+ handmade in a little distillery
+ over 60 years experience in distilling

Important notice

Artemisia Absinthium is a plant growing in the natur. Like every other plant underlies Artemisia Absinth the meteorologic influences of the crop year and the species of plant. Therfore the content of Thujon is different from year to year. For the taste, the content of Thujon is nonrelevant. In every bottle Absinth is Thujon but in different intensity. Measurments on crafted Absinths has only a reference to the special edition in time if the producer made it with the traditionell method.
An absinth with a few concentration of thujon is anyway the better alternative.